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Pagefusion Core
What is Pagefusion?

Pagefusion is a content management system developed with PHP/MySQL ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial web sites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing systems.

Pagefusion is designed to make it easy for content developers to manage every aspect of their web site without having to know HTML. A  W3C standards-based system, integrated help documentation, and a simple, menu-driven interface increase its overall appeal.

File Manager; dynamic thumbnail generation for images, etc.
The Pagefuson Toolbar is Pagefusion's administrative back-end.
This simple interface simplifies the initial learning curve significantly.

Pagefusion supports multiple web sites right out of the box. Pagefusion allows administrators to manage any number of sites, each with their own look and feel - all upon a single hosting account.

Pagefusion uses YOUR portal page(s) as its administrative interface thus reducing the initial learning curve significantly. Pagefusion just provides the simple toolbar and menus you need to perform common tasks as you browse your portal pages.

Pagefusion comes loaded with a full set of modules that provide powerful and flexible functionality. The HTML templates and stylesheets for each portal page and module may be edited directly online for maximum control over customization. Pagefusion uses the Smarty template system to speedily cache its output.

Pagefusion is easy to install, yet able to create and maintain the most complex content management systems entirely with its built-in features while allowing administrators to easily download new code libraries, components, modules, and skins instantly through the Pagefusion Update network.

Pagefusion Update Network
Pagefusion Update Pagefusion can update itself over the web using its own proprietary CVS (Concurrent Versions System) called the "Pagefusion Update Network".

After installing Pagefusion and logging in for your first time as a Host Administrator, the Pagefusion Update process will automatically check a remote repository for updates ensuring that you're always running the latest and most secure version.

Pagefusion Repositories
Pagefusion Repository
Pagefusion is comprised of four package types. These can be instantly updated and downloaded (over http://) from any "Pagefusion Repository".
  1. Library Object Libraries; the base code that makes Pagefusion work.
  2. Components; common interface widgets (grid, menu, tabs, etc.)
  3. Modules; common web site functionalities (such as User Accounts, Image Gallery, Forum, etc. These are used for administration or to present specific content to your site visitors).
  4. Skins; how things look (site templates, window borders, customized module templates/stylesheets, etc.)
The Pagefusion Update module, an administrative module that comes with Pagefusion, is used to download and install the features you want. Pagefusion Update is accessed by logging into your platform and using the Pagefusion toolbar to go to Host > Pagefusion Update.

Uptime and inventory information is available at each of the following repository locations listed below. Repositories are servers dedicated to maintaining the object packages for all Pagefusion libraries, components, modules and skins.
  1. Pagefusion Repository 1, http://update.pagefusion.org


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For more information regarding Pagefusion, please email Chris Davis at chris@pagefusion.com.

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